Mutual Base Ball Club 

of New York 

Article to the right appeared in the Brooklyn Eagle Oct. 4, 1861

A nice detailed description of the game. Although the team was listed as the Mutuals of Hoboken it is where the Mutuals of New York played their home games. They were also listed on occasion as the Mutuals of Brooklyn.

Early article from the Brooklyn Eagle appeared Aug. 24, 1858. Notice the box score only indicates outs and runs.

Newspaper Game Accounts

​1858- 1861

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Appeared in the New York Times July 7, 1860. Notice the home team still batted in the bottom of the 9th despite leading the game. The bottom of the 9th was usually played despite the score.

Actual Trophy Ball from Game between the Mutuals and Atlantics Sept. 1860

Article from new York Times Aug. 5, 1859. Early extra inning game. H.L. stands for hands lost, which means outs. Early game accounts only included outs and runs.

New York Times article July 31, 1860. Mention of speeches given by both team presidents after the game as well as the game ball being presented.