Mutual Base Ball Club
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   Mutual Base Ball Club

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What is Vintage Base Ball?

Vintage base ball is a growing phenomenon that has swept the country from coast to coast including Canada. It is teams playing baseball by the rules of a certain year in the 19th century.

What is the difference between today's baseball and vintage baseball?

The differences are too many to name but the main one you will notice when attending a game is that the players don't wear gloves (depending on the year played). For more differences go to our rules page.

When did vintage base ball start?

It began in 1979 at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration in Old Bethpage, New York as part of a Civil War reenactment.

Where can I see a game?

There well over 200 teams across the country and Canada. The New York Mutuals travel across the country and play their home games at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration (see schedule).

Why the name Mutuals?

The Mutuals were an actual team that played from 1857 to 1876 and were one of the original 8 teams in the National League in 1876.

To find out more about the original Mutuals click here.

How can I get the Mutuals to my event?

The Mutuals help fairs, festivals, and other events celebrate an anniversary of their town or just give people a chance to see how the game was played. We can bring two teams to your event or outfit your players in authentic 19th century uniforms. Dates fill up fast so contact us to reserve your date

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